Independence Day Sale!
Independence Day Sale!
'Creative Financing Lab' Inventory Blowout Sale
'Creative Financing Lab' Inventory Blowout Sale
Bundle Retail Value: $3000... YOURS for only $97 (97% off)!

From the desk of Joe McCall:

Hey guys, Joe here. I hope you're enjoying your summer so far... and Happy Independence Day!

From the desk of Joe McCall:

Hey guys, Joe here. I hope you're enjoying your summer so far... and Happy Independence Day!
This is one of my favorite holidays... and I'm a proud American, so I hope you can celebrate with me!

But man, what a year we've had so far in 2021... and that's saying a lot considering what 2020 looked like!

We've experienced truly the craziest market I've seen since I've been doing this... and there's no telling what the next few months will look like.

But I will tell you this: NOTHING will prepare you for the future like creative financing.

Having multiple options to offer your sellers will almost guarantee you will get 3-4X MORE  "yesses" and continue to be able to grow your REI business through the rest of this year.

Last year, I created the Creative Financing Lab™ with my good friend, Matt Theriault. We had a lot of amazing students join us, and learn how to fully leverage creative financing to grow their businesses.

I decided to throw a bunch of other really cool stuff into this offer, give it all at an amazing discount... and you can STILL get the holiday bundle at an amazing price!

But hurry... this offer will only be available for a few days... 
Sign Up Today Before I Change My Mind!
This is crazy...

The entire bundle is valued at well over $3,000...

I'm practically giving it all away... at 97% off.

For less than a benjamin... you can get ALL of it.

$97. That's it.
Here is what you'll be getting as part of this offer:
Creative Financing Lab - Digital Access (Physical Sold Out)
Last year, I put on the Creative Financing Lab with my friend, and owner financing expert, Matt Theriault. We hosted hundreds of students in this 8-week case study, going over everything you need to know about making creative financing offers.

We also had a physical component of the course, including workbooks, books, and more. After it was all said and done, we had a handful of physical bundles left over. SO... for the first 130 people who take me up on this offer (the physical bundles are all sold out!), you will ALSO get the physical (& digital) version of this bundle.

Here's what's included in the Creative Financing Lab:
  • Full 10-Module Creative Financing Lab Training
  • Full Transcripts of all videos (Physical & PDF)
  • Full Workbook of entire training (Physical & PDF)
  • Full audio files of each video (via USB & MP3)
  • Full recordings of all previous coaching calls
  • Full (digital only) bundle of Joe & Matt's books
  • Physical Books available: 130  SOLD OUT!!
  • USB Sticks (audio & video) available: 78  SOLD OUT!!
  • Value: $697
  • Sold Before For: $2,497
LIVE, NEW Wholesaling Lease Options Masterclass
Guys, I'm doing this just for you. :)

I will be doing a LIVE masterclass on wholesaling lease options on July 9th. Of course, this will be recorded, and you'll get lifetime access to the recordings and any resources given.

But, this will be a very special training, becuase I'm going to be teaching my flagship method (wholesaling lease options) in the context of 2021... so this will honestly be worth the price of admission alone.
  • LIVE Masterclass on Wholesaling Lease Options
  • Friday, July 9th (1-3pm CST, but block off the whole afternoon)
  • Lifetime access to all recordings & resources
  • TOTAL VALUE: $197
  • Sold Before For: NEVER (And probably never will)
Marketing Masterclass Bundle
I say this all the time: 

We are not in the real estate business, we are in the marketing business! 

You can't do deals if you don't have potential sellers to talk to. Last year, in the middle of the pandemic, I put on FOUR live marketing masterclasses. 

These were full-day deep-dive trainings on setting up a marketing plan in a new market. In fact... I actually picked a brand new market, the morning of, and began putting together a marketing plan... and doing some marketing! On each day, we started calling & talking to sellers... and through proper follow up, we actually closed a couple deals from these classes!

Each of these classes were 7+ hours worth of training, and we did four of them. I did two by myself focused on lease options. I did one with my coaching partner Gavin. And I did one with my good friend & wholesaling expert, Tom Krol. We had a blast.

THEN... I wanted to take it a step further. So, I stretched it out to 30 days and did what I now call the 'New Market Challenge.' In 30 days, I picked a market, built a marketing plan, and did a bunch of marketing, calling, and follow up. I spent about 30-60 minutes each day on the plan, working with a local partner, and we got a bunch of leads... and closed a couple contracts (after the challenge was over).

In fact, during that last challenge, we had such an overwhelming response from our lead-gen efforts that my in-person partner had a hard time keeping up with all the leads!

This was a 30-day challenge that included 1-3 videos each day, plus all of the resources and templates that I used throughout the challenge. You're going to get all of it as part of this marketing masterclass bundle!
  • Recordings from FOUR Live Marketing Masterclasses 
  • 7+ hours of training each, as well as all resources & materials
  • Recordings from my 30-day 'New Market Challenge'
  • 1-3 videos per day, plus all the transcripts, audio, and resources used
  • LIFETIME access, which also includes some unannounced bonuses!  ;)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $500+
  • Sold Before For $97 EACH ($600+)
The Value Is "Over The Top" Insane
As you can see above, I've sold MOST OF THESE COURSES on their own for at least $97 (except the books). The value in this bundle is easily $5,000 or more. I'm not going to sugar coat it... 

And remember... the physical portion of the Creative Financing Lab... is a legit limited offer. Once they're gone, they're gone. We are not printing any more. (They are now SOLD OUT.)

So, before I close this offer, and before I change my mind... click the button below to take advantage of this offer today, before it goes away!
Time Is Of The Essence.  Once the countdown goes to zero, this offer will be gone.
Here's A Recap Of The Entire Bundle:
  • Creative Financing Lab - Digital Access ($2,497 value)
  • LIVE Wholesaling Lease Options Masterclass ($297 value)
  • FOUR Live Marketing Masterclass Recordings ($1,000+ value)
  • 'New Market Challenge' Recordings ($197+ value)
  • Bonuses included as well! (priceless)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $5,000+
Today's Price: $97
This is it. 

It's time to make a choice.

You can either throw $97 towards a cheap and uninspiring pack of fireworks. Or, you can invest in yourself... and get all the training you need to get started, and scale your REI business today!

But hurry... this offer will end, and there are no exceptions. Click below today.
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